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The law is the law!
Over the past week or so we’ve set up workplace pension schemes for an equine veterinary practice, a hairdresser, an estate agent and a golf club, to name but a few.  Whatever your business type, if you employ someone then chances are you’ll need a workplace pension.    

Next year is a critical year for workplace pensions, with the vast majority of small businesses staging in 2017.  The Pensions Regulator estimates that at least 500,000 businesses will need to set up a workplace pension scheme in 2017 alone, compared to the 300,000 businesses who have staged since 2012.   The clear message is to start planning early because there will be quite a long queue in 2017…!    

The Pensions Regulator has issued its compliance statistics for the last quarter, from April to June 2016.  These statistics actually relate to around 30,000 businesses who staged five months prior to this quarter, when staging numbers were still relatively low.  

The Regulator had to use its powers 4,489 times during the quarter, a sharp increase on previous quarters.  Many of the Regulator’s decisions have been challenged by employers at independent tribunals, but none of the appeals that have ended up in front of a judge have been successful and the companies have been fined accordingly.   In every case the judge rejected the employer’s excuse and ruled that ‘the law is the law’ – no excuses!

What can the Pensions Regulator do if you ignore the law?  Well, they can issue compliance notices (3,392 issued to date) telling you to comply or correct what you’ve done, they can issue fixed penalty notices of £400 (861 issued to date) and they can issue daily ‘escalating’ fines, ranging from £400 per day up to £10,000 per day (38 issued to date, including a high profile football club).  

Non-compliance figures are likely to jump hugely over the coming months as half a million businesses tackle their workplace pension arrangements.  To stay under the Regulator’s radar, get the right advice early on from a local workplace pension specialist like The Auto-Enrolment Bureau.  We offer a fast and straightforward service at a reasonable cost – no business is too small!

If you would like to talk through your circumstances with an auto-enrolment expert, please give us a call on 0800 160 1233.  We’ve got lots of useful information and guidance on our website if you need it:

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