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Have you thought about payroll outsourcing...?

We already run a busy payroll bureau for clients who have yet to reach their staging date.  As well as standard pre-auto-enrolment payroll services, we also offer fully integrated auto-enrolment payroll services and administration.  Auto-enrolment has had a major impact on payroll administration and we would strongly recommend you review your existing payroll bureau’s capabilities.  Now may be the time to outsource these additional costs and complications and move your payroll service to a specialist payroll auto-enrolment company. 


If you decide that you need help with payroll services, we will be well placed to continue your FastTrack service through to payroll auto-enrolment administration, ensuring a true ‘joined up’ solution.   We start by transferring your payroll onto our specialist auto-enrolment software, then we’ll configure your pension scheme design and ensure full data integration with your chosen pension provider.  At your auto-enrolment date we will provide all statutory communications to your employees, carry out employee assessments and manage opt-outs, contribution refunds and opt-ins for you.   


But auto-enrolment doesn’t stop at your staging date, it’s a continuous process of assessments and communications every pay period.  After your auto-enrolment date our payroll bureau will continue to manage your ongoing auto-enrolment administration for new and existing employees:

Postponement management
Ongoing Statutory Communications
Management of opt-outs and opt-ins
Management of contribution refunds
Data file submissions to the pension provider each month
Specialist technical assistance on all payroll and auto-enrolment matters
Re-enrolment of opt-outs every three years

We need around three months’ notice to take on an outsourced payroll prior to your staging date.  However, if you have left things until the last minute and we have capacity to help you, we will always try our best!


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