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The Benefits of Aviva's Company Plan

Aviva's Company Pension is a group personal pension with the option to offer self investment if required. It provides a cost-effective default investment fund or, for more experienced investors, an extensive range of funds.   

The key benefits of choosing Aviva's Company Pension are:-

  • Fully compliant workplace pension with an annual management charge of less than 0.75%
  • High quality investments (managed by Aviva and over 30 selected managers)
  • Wide range of investments for more experienced investors
  • Transfers in and out accepted
  • Well-established and fully compliant
  • Online service for employees offering education and easy monitoring and administration


About Aviva

Aviva has a long history, dating back over 200 years.  In fact one part of the group can trace it's roots back to the 1600s.  Aviva are the UK's largest insurance company and have over 120 years of experience in pensions, having set up their first occupational pension scheme in 1894.  We believe that Aviva have the right experience and backing to make them a safe and sensible pair of hands to look after your employees' investments.


The Company Pension gives employees a range of features and benefits that they may find useful, including:

  • Full online access with the ability to view their savings, change funds and update their details whenever they want
  • A default investment fund for auto-enrolment
  • A wide choice of funds including:-
  1. Index-trackers and actively managed funds
  2. A large number of funds from specially selected external fund managers
  3. A choice of lifestyle profiles
  • Discounts on other Aviva products and items such as MOTs and holidays

Unlike the Government’s pension scheme, NEST, Aviva has no limit on contributions and they allow transfers in and out of the plan.


Why we Chose Aviva?

We think that Aviva's Company Pension is a great commercial workplace pension scheme, with competitive member charges and a low monthly charge for the employer.

Aviva have a long history in pensions and investments and already manages millions of customers’ pensions: they are well-established and are a familiar ‘brand’ for your staff.

Aviva is a large enough organisation to cope with the huge influx of employers needing to find a pension scheme in the next few years. Smaller providers may struggle to meet their deadlines, particularly the large number of master trusts being created by solicitors, IFAs and Employee Benefits Consultants. Some smaller master trusts have already fallen foul of The Pensions Regulator’s rules and ceased trading, and others have merged with fellow master trusts to gain market share. Stability and longevity are crucial when choosing the right scheme for your workforce.

 All of the pension scheme administration is done in-house at Aviva. In-house tends to lead to committed and highly knowledgeable staff, lower costs and a higher degree of accuracy.

The in-house, UK based customer service teams at Aviva provide comprehensive support and services - the people you speak to are employees of Aviva, not outsourced or overseas staff, and they know their stuff!

 Aviva's Company Pension has been awarded a 5-star rating by Defaqto, a well-known independent financial researcher. Defaqto independently rates services based on the quality and comprehensiveness of the features and benefits they offer, and to be awarded the maximum 5 stars means that they've found the Company Pension to be 'an excellent product, with a comprehensive range of features and benefits'.



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